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Recurring Dreams

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What dream keeps coming back to you?

Every now and again I have this dream where I am on the bus heading to town, usually in the rain and suddenly I lose my shoes, and I panic and look all over the bus, but they are no where to be seen.

So tell me yours.
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Theres one where I have accidentally taken the comforter from my bed to school with me.. and all day long I'm trying to protect it from getting dirty.

Another is where I keep trying to call the person I'm dating at the time, but my finger keeps slipping when I dial, making it impossible to get the number right.

The most common is where I'm looking for a place to masturbate, but there are people around, and they walk up on me. D:

Another common one involves tsunamis, and climbing to safety.
I have plenty of recurring dreams. Most of them are persistent states, where I'll remember most of the past dreams while in the dream (that is, it picks up where it left off. Perfect recollection while in the dream but it fades sharply afterwards.)

In one of them, I'm in some kind of book warehouse/wholesaler (they buy and sell books for cheap), wandering around, looking for the sci-fi section. Eventually I go to the basement where there's a plywood maze. There are sometimes breaks in the maze and I can walk around under the structure. There's nobody ever in the building except for me. I've never tried to leave the building but I'd suppose it would be possible.

There's another one where I'm in a small theater, like you'd see at a school. The lights are fairly dim but there's still enough to see. Sometimes I just sit around in the chairs, but also I might go up on the stage and check out what's behind the curtain. It's usually very dark back there except for a small shop area (you know, for the construction of props). There's usually a guy back there who talks about cards, usually tarot cards, and usually the Tower card.

A common recurring one is where I'm a detective, but that one escapes my recollection right now.

The next one tends to repeat: I'll wake up and a tooth would be loose and so I'd compulsively poke at it until it falls out. Other times, my teeth will be intermeshed together and I'd try to open my mouth and it would rip the teeth out of their sockets.
The only dream I had that ever repeats and one of the few dreams I ever have is where I'm in a digital world. Like with green likes threw everything and everything else is black with an outline and I'm on a bed with a mom and a dad (not mines) at the edge where their feet are. . And then the digital world faws apart and I fall threw the bed to my death then I wake up. I'm also a child in this dream.
I have many dreams that reoccur, but more often there are themes, places and other nuances that often turn up with the circumstances around them differing slightly. Most of these are way too personal, disturbing, or vague to properly share here but I will talk about the ones I can.

-I'm back in university and it's the end of the semester, and I have an exam or a big assignment due in a class I have never gone to; I often don't even know where the class is or what it's about. No matter how much I try and prepare it's readily apparent I'm going to fail. I haven't been in a classroom situation since 2003 and this still pops up.

-Related to that is another dream where I'm trying to get to a certain place or event and no matter what form of transportation I use or how fast I run, I can never move. Or if I can move I find myself back in the starting location with other things popping up that prevent me from leaving. Normally when I realize I'm dreaming I automatically wake up, or start to, but in this scenario I tend to realize it and try to control what's going on, but still cannot move.

-Exploring a vast old house that belongs to a relative or acquaintance. The background of the house is always known to me and my activities in there always take place at night and I am usually by myself, but every now and then I have a companion (who is always someone I know IRL). The house always has multiple hidden chambers that I am able to find and is filled with all sorts of arcane curios.

-There are several places I often find myself in. How I wind up in the place and what is going on there is different or sometimes not relevant or something I remember - the focus is on the place itself. I've tried google image search but have yet to turn up any places that resemble them. Still, I think they might actually exist somewhere.
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My longest-standing recurring dream is the genie and 3-wishes scenario straight out of Aladin. I always wish for something that will help me bridge the boundaries of communication, something that will help me express myself artistically, and then I always get distracted from making the third wish.

For the last month I've had recurring dreams about a mysterious girl. See my blog entry.

But most of all, jazz plays a big part in my dreams. I'll have earth-tone film noir motifs, or I'll be leading a jazzy new orleans funeral procession through the strangest of places, along a winding path.

I'm so glad I started remembering my dreams again! :proud:
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As a child I remember dreaming hundred of times that two t-rexes were running at me in opposite directions in some supermarket. One is trying to save me and the other to kill me.

I used to have dreams of chucky from the movies trying to kill me and my family, and I would always try to tell them but either no one would ever listen, or my lungs lost air as I spoke.

There are probably others I just can't think of them. Most of my dreams now just don't make any sense whatsoever.
My recurring dream is being in a state of bliss with the person I love. Gets me quite depressed when I wake up, but it also gives me hope too.

And I often have dreams I'm either flying or falling. I know there is an explanation for those types of dreams, but I forget what it was.
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I have had a recurring dream I am back in school trying o graduate again.....

I too have had the teeth crumbling dreams.

finally dreams that seem to be in many dreams but I have never really been there
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My more recent recurring dream has been about traveling.

I will go into an airport because I have a flight. I get confused about the flight number and airline and I become convinced that somebody has given me wrong directions, printed out the wrong boarding pass, and I'm not going to be able to get on the plane and its going to the wrong destination. So I just wait in anxiety, and they call my section, I go, they check the boarding pass and that goes smoothly. I get in the plane and instead of a normal plane, its like a VIP plane with a jacuzzi and full bar and bartender, cushy seats, big windows for a better view etc.
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