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Warning: much rambling and incoherent thoughts ahead.

Since leaving childhood, I never really thought that Reiki was anything other than touchy-feely tree-hugger style crap. All of that energetic healing and similar concepts were briefly glanced at and then firmly locked in a draw alongside religion and psychics. Until now.

My mother (ENTJ) began to be interested in reiki and other energetic ideas after quitting a job as a high powered business woman to spend more time with her young children (me included) about 6/7 years ago. She reinvented herself as a cuddly mum figure who drank tea and gossiped with other mums, and became much more interested in spiritual concepts and wondered if there was more "out there".
After some courses and a lot of research she began to be introduced to Reiki, Viridian Method, hand reflexology and Ascension Energy by her instructor and friend. It made her a much happier and more open person, and she never looked back. I trusted everything she said (as a child does) and i believed that i could see some effects in it, so she began to teach me what she had learnt and showed me around these concepts. I believed it worked and became a solid believer in Ki, life force.
Then, at school a teacher reinforced those little niggling doubts by saying that there was absoloutely no evidence that any of this was more than a hoax by egotistical people that want to be important, and i became skeptical once more, ignoring my mother and becoming much more, well, stereotypical INTJ. This was fine, i had my beliefs and she had hers, until now i have so much free time on my hands in the summer holidays that i started to look trough the old course booklets and manuals that my mother kept and saw scientific basis for much of what was mentionned in there. It made perfect logical sense, all of it. Some of it requires a belief in Ki, but most is very scientific and believes that anyone has the capability to become a master practitioner with a little bit of focus and re-training the mind to perform functions long forgotten.
This science was enough to make me wonder if there was truth behind it.

And it leaves me thinking that there could be results in this if examined properly. I intend to do so and even begin to practice what is in these books to see if i can acheive any result. I'm simply wondering if any of you have any knowledge of Reiki or similar concepts, are you a practitioner and do you believe this is real or crap? Any comments are welcome, but please try to have something to actually say.

(I'm aware that i havent given much information on reiki itself, but i'm not going to type up a whole manual just for this, and i dont trust myself to do these concepts justice if i try to describe them now, so here's a few links with more information. There are many different versions and facets of these beliefs but they all have similar core ideas. Most of the information on the internet about Reiki is either very skeptical and incorrect about the fundamental ideas, or has no science to explain the theories but they should give some basic information about these concepts. You may be able to find better information online yourself.
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I very sorry I won't have time to to give this a trial, I'm busy tending to my herd of centaur.
Please let me know how it works out.

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I don't discount what I don't understand and I certainly don't understand reiki. I had it performed when I had shrieking sciatic pain and it worked for a while.....I don't know whether it was the simplicity of thinking about healing and placebo effects from that....whatever works.

I did however watch an interesting program once on long distance healing conducted in a double blind study for AIDS patients and there was a statistical difference in favour of there being some merit. Why discount something you can't understand? It really isn't faith, just an acceptance that there are things outside of science that are inexplicable.
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