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I've been friends with my ex for over 7-8 years, known each other and spend at least 3-4 days per week in 2 years before getting into relationship. Due to values and religion we are very much compatible and opposite at the same time.
He's not a risk taker and he calculate most of his actions before acting it out. He's been consistently very logical and rational prior entering the relationship, he's also very sure of stepping into marriage with me and he did ask my parents prior entering into relationship.Throughout the whole relationship we had our arguments and disagreement but nothing major that we couldnt resolve within a day.

After 1.5 into the relationship he suddenly ask for a break up, the reasons were my physical looks and personality saying that he wants to marriage a girl who's soft spoken and less loud in nature.While saying all those he teared up non stop. After the break up, we tried to keep distance and boundaries tight.

But in span of 2.5 year break up, at the start I've ask for space during early periods of break up, he uses " we are in the same church and i am leading a small group (discussion group fortnightly) I need to talk to you" reasoning. he still continuously text me and see me using the same reason until today. Not only that we both been on dates and trying to date others in this period. Both of us havent been on dates this year. We still see each other at least 2-4 days a week until today.

Btw to give context we dated when he was 25 and i was 26, now we are 28 and 29. He fell in love with me the 1st time we met, later on i fell for him during the 1st year of our friendship. We never dated nor mention our feelings to each other, But as a fellow ENFP i cant hide my emotions on my face, so he knew my feelings but being a stoic ESTJ i have no idea. Later on when he confess to me then i knew of his feelings.

I am unsure if this is him wanting to be friends even though we broken up or he wants to get back? What does he want?
Anyone has experience this with ESTJ? Btw i love any ESTJ / ENTJ, my mom's a ENTJ so i like hearing advice and i admire ESTJ/ ENTJs.
Feel free to ask me more question or private chat, giving me insights to his actions.
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