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I found out this site after visiting Typology central, seems like more relationship activity is going on here. Wanted to get feedback. Copypaste from my post on the other website:

Met this girl 11 years younger than me online, it was perfect chemistry, we could read each other's thoughts almost. She showed interest in BDSM and I invited her over for 2 weeks (she's from another city).

She stayed with me but communication about what we wanted out of the relationship became difficult with time. After she left, she went to another country where she made a large group of friends. We discussed what she wants and she said she had difficulty letting go of me, it felt impossible. Eventually she lied to me a couple of times and I decided to end the relationship. She wrote back some emails expressing how hurt she was. Out of sympathy, I maintained some contact to make sure she can transition without much guilt or pain. Then one day when I reminded her of the times she had been careless about me, she blew up and brought up our age difference and other things. I calmed her down and avoided conflict. Slowly communication stopped over Christmas and new years. Sent her a gift, she didn't receive it or open it for weeks.

Few weeks ago for some reason I became very anxious about her. Its been six months since we saw each other. I started messaging her, and asked for a proper farewell. Ultimately she gave in and said that she used to love me once, but due to the bipolar nature of my messages nothing's left anymore.

I then opened my heart and said everything that I had difficulty saying since the beginning, about my insecurities, fears, weaknesses etc. Eventually she confessed she has moved on and ready to start living together with a new boyfriend.

Strangely, she's kept copies of all our email correspondence saying that she'd like to revisit those memories if she wants to.
I don't have any particular question, but wanted to share this to see if it seems like a typical INTP/ENFJ scenario.
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