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It's just not who you are,
Don't try and make yourself something you're not!

I love my INTJ friends and loved one for their ability to listen,
And have meaningful discussions with me!
What you may find is that those friends and relationships end because when you aren't having small talk,
You just have silence,
And that can perturb many people,
Or the rate of deeper discussions can drain some even!

Don't let it get you down!
I for one love INTJ's,
And I am ENFJ,
Supposedly we love small talk(I personally don't care for it!).
Find the right people and treasure them!

Though if you do feel like creating small talk,
Then just make it simple and short,
Maybe about a game they like? :)

Fast and simple as I say!
Or replace small talk with something to do!
Like walk,
Go out,
So forth(Thats for romantic though).

I'll add some personal experience:
One of my Ex's was an INTJ,
And he didn't like small talk!
But what we found was that once you come to accept it,
And accept the no talking,
It's actually a very rewarding relationship!
When I felt I wanted to do something closer with him,
I always just did something with him,
Such as a game or went out :)

He didn't feel pressured to make small talk,
And I didn't feel awkward with the silences ;D
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