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Reliable online IQ tests

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I wanted to know if anyone has found an online IQ test that isn't a joke. If you know of one, a link to it would be appreciated as well as any observed biases in the test.
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I'm no expert, but I've read that the academic consensus is that multiple intelligences is feel-good crap. Most of the intelligences are strongly correlated with each other, which indicates that they're all stemming from a single general intelligence, called g. IQ tests attempt to measure g, but removing cultural and prior knowledge biases is easier said than done. Also, since we have no way of observing g directly, it's tough to tell how good new tests are at measuring it. All that said, modern IQ tests are orders of magnitude better than the old ones were, and they do a better job of predicting your academic/professional success than any other single factor.

The development of IQ tests kind of reminds me of the history of baseball stats. For a long time, people ignored numbers altogether. Then they picked some really bad ones (like RBIs and Wins) and grossly overvalued them. Now we have extraordinarily sophisticated stats available, but most people don't understand them because A) the old ones were so bad, b) learning is hard and C) who the hell cares? I took a class that covered IQ tests in some depth. I can't remember the name of the class or anything else about it, but I did find the IQ stuff interesting.

As for your second paragraph, a lot of people would say the same thing about MBTI. Just because you don't see value in something doesn't mean no one does.
Could be wrong, but what I was taught in psych was that no IQ test is reliable past early childhood (ages 5-7ish) because then it starts testing knowledge and not intelligence. In fact, I believe IQ tests are meant to predict how well you'll do in school rather than how generally "intelligent" you are, and there are multiple theories of intelligence including ones about multiple intelligences (emotion, logical, natural, spatial, etc) and ones about general intelligences.

Basically I'm trying to say that IQ tests are pretty worthless in my opinion. Besides, imagine if you score very low or very high. Are you going to live your life any differently? It wouldn't make sense to do so.
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