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I always wondered which elements of our personality are born with us, and which are formed by our learning and socialization processes, and to what extent. The most commonly used Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which builds on Jungian personality elements to assess preferences in a questionnaire form, could be a good basis to check this.

It would be a great help for me, if you participated in my research and shared this invitation with your friends, too. The more the merrier, since data from more participants will show a more balanced result on a possible correlation between the date of birth, the personality types, moreover, the patterns of connectivity may also be measured or calculated more accurately.

This will take 10-15 minutes of your time and you will have two tasks:

First, please complete an online MBTI questionnarie (use the sliders to set your answer preferences on an Agree/Disagree scale), - test results will show insights about your personality type. (The MBTI is a good tool also to deepen your self-awareness, find a career your will enjoy, become a better leader/manager or improve your interpersonal relationships.)
Secondly, please fill in a very brief research questionnaire about your birth data and the MBTI result you got.

Important information:

While you complete the MBTI questionnaire, please try to disregard your work life. Your job interests and responsibilities are out of scope for this test. During the test it is best if you display your true self.
Please keep the MBTI browser window open at the results page after completing the MBTI questionnaire because you will be asked to use the result data (your four MBTI letters, and the percentages) for completing the research questionnaire.

The English language MBTI questionnaire can be found on this link: Free personality test | 16Personalities

The research questionnaire is on this link:

Please do not forget to press the Submit button after completing test.

Thank you for your kind participation.

Brief overwiev of the study:

My research aims to explore a correlation between personality types and preferences and the date of birth. If there is significant correlation, I also aim to study the repeating patterns between identical preferences of personality types and date of birth. These patterns could provide input data to a calculated prognosis of MBTI figures and preference profile of any individual, based on his/her birth date.

The research questionnaire is anonymous, but if you would like an update about the results of the overall research, please fill in your contact email in the last question and I will keep you informed.

Your participation and sharing of this opoortunity is much appreciated!

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Hi all, I've completed the MBTI forecast program in Excel, which calculates your MBTI figures from your birth date. Please test it and feedback. You can dowload the calculation XLS from my Dropbox:

The first version of the forecast model is quite promising. The four letters can form 16 kinds of different MBTI figures. So the probability of matching is 100/16, or about 6,25%. According to my checks, the current calculation algorithm has a more than 40% ratio of total match. Each letter was a 80%-80% hit rates, so for the total sample of 125 respondents, produced more than 50 total matches.

I look forward your feedback and constructive suggestion in comment, or private letter. Based on more and more further research answers I could fine-tune the algorithm, so if you share the link of the research you can help me a lot in my further work and together we can do an even better forecast.


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I checked out the table, and it seems to have a certain probability to be right.

However, from what i have found from the people I tested, which includes myself, it seems to be wrong more often if the person was not the oldest sibling.

I don't know anyone who is an only child, but in any case, I would find it necessary to include birth order in this study!

My findings:
Oldest sibling: 90% correct
Youngest sibling: 20% correct
Only child: -?-

Also, for people who dont speakt Hungarian: The value you are supposed to fill in is the difference between your two opposing values, like I and E.

In particular Younger siblings seem to be more likely to grow up introverted, which makes logical sense to me.

This project is really interesting! hope you keep it up!

By the way my older brother and I have only 2 days between birth dates, and yet we are opposites like yin and yang.
I am INFP and he seems to me to be ESTJ, and the table aggrees. too bad he did not actually take the test, because "Personality Tests are dumb"
Huh, because of this I'm interested to see which personality types are totally vacant on this forum.
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