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Hello all,

I go in and out of my interest in MBTI typology, and this just so happens to be one of those periods where I'm back in the game.

So I was watching vids from this youtube user EJArendee, and in his INFP vs INFJ video he purported that INFP's have plenty of willpower but lack the mental organization to reach their goals. Personally, I feel like this really rings true with me. The bane of my existence is this feeling of having dreamed up of a million and one scenarios I could currently be living by the afternoon and then ultimately feeling depressed the rest of the day for feeling like they're so far away and will never happen.

My INFJ confidante was reading this intriguing book about magick which had a list of entity evocations to carry out and practice. After reading the book, I basically interpreted it as a book about meditation through guided imagery and wishful thinking. Just the perfect stuff for someone who lives through metaphors! Also, its association with NLP helps make it feel like there's something to it that's actually grounded in reality.

Title: META-MAGICK the Book of Atem
Subtitle: Achieving new states of consciousness through NLP, Neuroscience and ritual
Author: Philip H. Farber

Sample evocation:
Pg 1 -
Pg 2 -

I hope this helps someone like it helped me!
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