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I think my function order is Ni Te Ne Ti Fi Se Fe Si. That would make me closest to an... INTJ? Huh? I have never considered myself an introvert at all.
If you're going by the cognitive function tests, I find them really useless. Also, are you really sure you have a grasp on the differences between Ni and Ne? I thought I was an INTJ for a long time and Ni seemed to fit my intuition perfectly.

I'm Unlike an ENTP because:
- I'm not a prankster or silly. I'm pretty serious usually.
- I prefer to plan things.
- I worry a lot. I feel like "carefree" and similar words don't apply, exactly.
- I don't love to argue.
- I don't like science/gadgets/etc.
The "prankster" thing is a bit of a caricature. ENTP's are mostly not like that, we just tend to have a broad sense of humour. Also keep in mind potential gender differences.

As far as planning, no one doesn't plan. P/J is more about ... does the plan really matter to you, is it an important part of enjoying yourself, to have some things planned and set and organized? Or do you prefer to be flexible and deal with things as they come up? You'll probably be somewhere in the middle, but which scenario seems more instinctively comfortable?

The carefree attitude I think is more about optimism. Sometimes I worry a lot, it depends on the reality of my situation, but my ENTP-ism is that no matter how worried I get, I always feel fundamentally ok about it, that it will probably work out, or that if it doesn't it won't be that big a deal and I'll get through it just fine.

Hmm, I think almost all ENTP's enjoy argument. Debate is a better term. I don't think we like conflict, that's different. The thing is, when we debate people, they might feel like it's a fight but to us it's just an engaging conversation. Personally I actually do a lot of mediating in my own arguments, saying like "actually I don't disagree with you about that, but..."

A lot of NT's like science and gadgets but that's just symptomatic of functional order, right? So the important thing is do you use intuition supported by thinking? Then you're an ENTP (or INTJ).

I'm Unlike an ENTJ because:
- I'm not organized with physical objects and space. (ie My desk is a mess, etc.)
- I do not like rules. I like manipulating the system so that it works for me.
- I like to start things more than I like to finish them.
- While I like things to be scheduled, I wouldn't say I like routine. I like to do different things every day and have lots of new experiences; I just like to know what to expect.

(Of course, being unsure of your type is apparently very ENTP-ish.)
Being unsure of your type is definitely ENTP-ish. ENTJ's actually probably don't care as much to begin with (it's Te vs. Ti).

If your space is messy, I think the important thing if you're an ENTJ would be is it still highly efficient and functional, and aesthetically acceptable and conducive to being productive? An ENTJ will really value those things. I haven't known of an ENTJ who isn't extremely orderly.

I don't think ENTJ's like rules really. They just think that if a rule helps people work better, or keeps the situation more in control, then it's a good idea. But they will definitely dislike rules that are in place for no good reason, or are only in place because of tradition. Whereas ENTP's tend to dislike the very concept of rules and don't really care if things are a bit more chaotic without them. Neither type likes adhering to other people's rules though, I don't think, but the ENTP will probably be more bothered by following a rule than the ENTJ.

ENTJ's do tend to get things done and complete projects. But that's because they see the project's completion as worthwhile, getting it done will be a good step, goals are important. If it isn't an important project, ENTJ's won't want to waste effort on it. If they've lost interest for whatever reason, I'm sure they have a good reason. ENTP's are much more fleeting and usually abandon tasks because their interest has shifted to something new, and work is a spontaneous thing, work has to seem exciting in the moment.

ENTJ's do like new experiences and change, and they'll get frustrated with a routine if it isn't worthwhile and productivity-oriented. Don't confuse ENTJ's sense of organization with SJ's sense of routine.
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