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Hi, I'm a returning member. Before I left PerC, I used to lurk here and there while replying to threads on PerC.

Anyways, let's cut to the stuff. I'm just another young person with aspirations. I dream to be a magnificent artist, biologist, and track and field athlete. However, I just don't dream. I also work hard to try to achieve my dreams because to get to my dreams. Even if I don't reach my goals, I'll still keep dreaming 'cause that's a part of me that I'll never let go. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit corny.

My hobbies are doing all kinds of art (ex:painting, drawing, digital art), playing the violin, running, swimming, surfing the web, learning about science, and loving all animals. I have a ton of hobbies. Out of all these hobbies, I am able to do artwork, run, learn about science, and love animals everyday. I play the violin usually once or twice a week. The amount of time I spend on the Internet varies. As for swimming, it's usually seasonal, but I try to find some time to swim in a local, public indoor pool during the cold weather.

Well, I guess this is my reintroduction. Thank you in advance for reading this post. I hope to make many new friends.:happy:

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