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PC sent me a birthday email in early December and I was surprised I had forgotten about the place; life, right? So I came back for a visit, tweaked some things in my profile (which I would do frequently anyway), and made some posts. Reading my previous blog and forum posts has been fun and revealing - definitely a useful contribution to self-exploration; more so than any personality test can tell me.

And that is what my mind is focussed on now - that even if personality profiles are somewhat accurate, they can never replace self-reflection. I learn more about myself by exploring old forum posts, or simply turning on "the mirror" in another way, than I do from countless hours of taking tests and comparing results. I don't discredit personality tests, however, I merely think they're not up to par with true self-evaluation.

Now that I've said that (and refrained from typing nineteen more paragraphs about language, epistemology, and the nature of being), I'll update my probablynonexistent followers on my current situation:

I finally found a way to be productive and organized without sacrificing too much of my soul. I'm actually doing well in college because I now see it as instrumental endeavor contributing to my real goal of becoming the Supreme Overlord of Everything (or as I commonly say it, "mastering myself"). Since my newfound motivation my classes have included Word Civilizations (up to 1550 C.E.), Philosophy, Ethics, and Solar Astronomy; and I am now taking Word Civ. II (1550 C.E - present), Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Horticulture, and Introduction to Crop Production.

"Why the agriculture classes?" you ask...


I have really made progress in my study of the subject and plan to make a "career" out of it. It's so perfect for me.

  1. I practice Hapkido, a martial art based on achieving and sustaining a fluid and harmonious relationship with the universe through the cultivation and recirculation of universal life force energy. - Permaculture is about creating and sustaining a healthy and stable lifestyle by harmonizing with Earth's natural processes.
  2. I am a natural philosopher concerned with the meaning of life and the ideal way to live - Permaculture is based heavily in ethics.
  3. I love Cosmology and think that astronomers should study Earth like they study everything else in the universe - Permaculture is about optimizing life on a planet through the diligent study of natural patterns on this planet.

And the list just goes on and on!

My plans for world domination include having an educational institute/community based on permaculture, hapkido, natural medicine, philosophy, ecological architecture, sustainable community/city design, appropriate use of technology (including pharmaceuticals), and responsible consumerism/conservation of resources.


Help me build TEN!



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*panting crazily*


It's good to be alive.
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Hello, I am a natural philosopher and I like cosmology too; very interesting to figure out someone also enjoy thinking of these useless craps like I do.
If that is true then we're already friends. Hajimemashite, fellow.
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