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hey everyone. I haven't been on here in a while.
A lot has happened to me emotionally and spirtually, which has made me question myself again. Last time when I was on here in February, I was an INFP. Here is what I know about myself

I'm always asking questions about people, t.v, the world, "what does that mean?" "why are the like that?" " why is it like that?"
I'm introverted
I feel more inside than outside. I have trouble expressing myself
I find it hard to concentrate on other things when I listen to music. I go into a 'bubble'
I get side-tracked easily
I find it difficult to concentrate
I find it hard to keep on one subject and change the conversation without realising
Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and analyse myself
I talk to myself a lot
I ask and yell questions at the t.v sometimes
I use my hands when I speak
I space out often
I don't move on easily
I don't forget people I care for easily
I'm attracted to goofy, intelligent, happy guys (think David Archuleta types)
I am enchanted by the rain. It makes me feel soo peaceful inside
Religion is important to me!
I am ALWAYS thinking
I care wayyyy too much for people and animals. Soo much it can stay with me forever
I like a LOT of time alone
I have HEAPS of fears
I get scared easily
People interest me. I am fascinated by different personalities. Why are people like that? what caused them to act like that?
I am troubled and I worry easily
I am easily upset
I HATE business people, arrogant people, shallow people, rich snobs, bitches, people who sleep around, guys who cheat, nasty and cruel people
I was thinking of becoming a counsellor or psychologist
I am drawn to older,mature people
I do not like children and babies!
I hardly get angry, but if I's BIG
I am traumatised by things on the news and on gory t.v shows. It will scare me and won't leave my mind and make me feel sick and crazy
I love documentries, science shows, doctor shows like dr oz (with no gory stuff), paranormal programmes, programmes about missing people. They interest and excite me
I love fashion
I am known to be careful and selfish with money
I love bush walks. They are stimulating and they feel soo magical. I feel like a magical princess or something :tongue:

I think i'm still an INFP. What do you think?

615 Posts sounds very INFP. Why are you doubting yourself? Proof of INFP-ness! :p
Seriously though, I don't see anything that could be different...INFJ? Hmm. You sound INFP to me.

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I don't love fashion .___.

However, you appear to still be an INFP to me.

Welcome back.

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Hey, welcome back! So, with this emotional and spiritual journey you are on, what do you hope to discover aside from the MBTI side of things, if I may ask?

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I can relate to 90% things that you said
so yeah, I think you're definitely an INFP! :blushed:
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