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Hello everyone!
So I'm fairly new here and pretty much just joined to ask you guys,what MBTI type do you think Robert Del Naja is?
He's mostly typed as ISTP or INTJ,but i'm really curious as to what his exact type is if possible.
If you happen to not to know him and just stumbled upon this by chance,feel free to join the discussion and help me out and thanks in are some interviews and music videos/songs with lyrics so you can get a grasp of his personality:


He wrote this song based on a prior relationship:

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps

And based on the wikipedia article on this single he has stated this:
The song describes a relationship that Robert del Naja had, which at the time had just ended:
I already had a lot of the lyrics written before. It was just about a relationship I had been going through. It's about being in a situation but knowing you should be out of it but you're too fucking lazy or weak to leave. And you're dishonest to yourself and dishonest to the other person. You're betraying them everyday [sic] and the whole scene feels like it's closing in on you, d'ya-know-what-I-mean? The idea is a combination of movements propelling yourself forward and pulling yourself back at the same time. That's what the track's about—a fucked up relationship basically and there it is.[2]

He's also a grafitti can get a demonstration of his art in this video:

Also guys,please tell me his enneagram type as well.thanks a bunch.
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