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I feel the same way about art- it's a safe place to go and feel things. I don't think you're over-intellecutalizing it one bit!

Romantic painters are lovely! But--- I've always been more drawn to the Impressionists and Post- Impressionists, myself. Degas, Monet, Cassat, Van Gogh. 'avnme'apvmoa'n'oanva'. In neglecting some of the details, they capture the essence of their subjects' beauty. They're subtle and perfect, and I go a little weak in the knees just thinking about them. Especially how PERSONAL it was to them.You look at an impressionist painting and you get to feel the way that the painter felt the world. It's just amazing.

However, I LOVE romantic music. Chopin most of all! Here's a video--- Rachmaninoff on Chopin. I just fall apart. It's like it's all about to come tumbling out of him, and he's trying like hell to keep it inside, but it just keeps leaking through his fingers. He's so Amazing...
Maurizio Pollini does a version of this song that is just as wonderful. You can hear him breathing on the recording. *SIGH*
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