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The Romanticist movement of the 1700/1800s & its ideals seems pretty popular with NFs in general. There have been several successful threads where discussion of it has taken place here.

I like many of the sentiments behind Romanticism also. I don't find it mushy gushy at all, which is how I DO view a lot of modern "romantic" things. True romanticism to me is spontaneous, passionate expressions of feelings & emotions. It's NOT contrived or playing to cliches. I think it can be a little raw, a bit rough around the edges. It celebrates what is magical, emotional, irrational - the chaotic side of nature & people. It doesn't need to make "sense" of everything. While I like to analyze things, I think it's important to realize that not everything can be explained with black & white logic. It loses meaning to reduce it to that level; emotions exist to add nuance of meaning. I think the Romanticist takes a holistic approach, seeking to uphold the purity & mystery of things like love and nature, knowing they cannot be fully explained by anything as cold as science.
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