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Shivering with anxiety in this sauna of depression
Ice cream and coffee in the same noon meal
Someone sneaked in the back door and adjusted the thermostat
Now my body doesn't know how to heal
With a back door broken I cling to the fireplace
While steam devours the kitchen, I thirst for open space
No blanket or sheet to contain the heat
Bitter, naked, I run the race
From black cloud covered ceiling of solitude
Rains the acid whitewash of blistering venom
Can't control their frigid teeth chattering
A demon disguised in loose fitting denim
They were all around me as I hungered for shelter
As frigid winds blew and arrogant sun sweltered
The furnace in the dungeon longed for oil and repair
The air-conditioned room fostered feelings of despair
At night I swim the channels, haunt the halls of the cafeteria
While you decay the panels, mold the walls with your bacteria
I lingered long in languid isolation, quarantined from biting breeze
While the rest of the world braved bilzzards, insulated, with ease
You preyed upon my weakness, sent me soft to hibernation
In my self-constructed universe I beamed with private elation
The dark, corrosive shadows seem to wear my skin
Till I am left in bones and fragments, organs wearing thin
Thank you for your hostile climate, volatile and bold
Running in and out of fortune, oscillating hot and cold
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