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This is my first post here and maybe I should have introduced myself or something, but this has kind of been on my mind...

There's this girl I've known for about a year who I suppose I'd consider my "friend". We ended up rooming together on a school trip recently and it was... weird. We talked about random stuff and I didn't think much of it until the happy fwendz party started. "Wow, I can't believe we relate to each other so well!" Ok. That's fine... I guess it was a one-sided bonding moment. I went along with it. I know I've had those before, but not with her, and I've never vocalized it. It seemed she felt really comfortable around me, which I thought was strange as she seemed pretty quiet and private prior to this trip and we were never really that close. But I mean... that's good for her. I felt uncomfortable but I figured she'd have her moment and we'd forget about it. Then the stream of secrets (what I think are really genuine) and "I've never told anyone this before, but..." started, ~*~*~*deep emotional profoundness tiem*~*~*~. FFFFFUUUUagdjshfgj. It was like she metaphorically stripped naked in front of me. It was the worst. I sat there like "oh. really. oh, weird." with my teeth hypothetically chattering. I wanted to get outta there.

In hindsight, I find this weird because until recently at least, I secretly loved hearing peoples' secrets. I love knowing the dark, twisted aspects of them. Maybe I only like it from certain people.

Anyway, I just thought it was strange that someone sharing something personal (which ordinarily I would have been quite OK with) was so off-putting. Now I feel guilty for not sharing the bonding moment or whatever that scary thing was.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? :|
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