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It use to happen when I was younger in my early 20's. I had various acquaintances wanting to tell me their problems, mostly. I'd listen because that's what INFPs do and it made me feel special that people wanted to talk to me about their issues.

It rarely happens now. Probably because I don't let people get very far into telling me their problems without saying, "well, what are you doing to fix it?"

The ones who are fixing the crappy things in their life, I try to get them to focus on what they can change. I say things like , "why don't you think what you tried worked out" and "what's the next step." Then the conversation starts being solution focused. Those are the ones I stay in touch with.

The ones who just want to complain always shut down and stop talking once I start talking about taking personal responsibility and making changes. They never talk to me again.
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