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S/N dilemma. Can you help me to decide?

Ok, so I have spent much time trying to figure out my type and yet I still have some doubts. I know for sure I, F and P. The problem is with S/N. And I feel I need some help.
In the very beginning I scored INFJ and then I thought it was right type but Fe with its preferring common welfare to individual doesn't attract me completely.

First of all I thought I was INFP but I came to conclusion that I'm not so imaginative and head-in-the-clouds like they. I have vivid imagination but they seems to be a walking bunches of new ideas. I believe my friend is INFP and im comparison to her I'm more pragmatic. For instance when we were going somewhere I usually checked the way, signs etc. to find out if we went well. She seems to live in her own world, I'm not like this even so I can't say I live "here and now".

But according to the cognitive functions as ISFP I use Se and Ni. Yet I really really often catch myself while using Si. when I see a person who reminds me other one (not only in appearance but also behaviour or just impression) I saw in past, or some tune or song seems similar to one I've listened to some time ago. Or place or whatever. I notice changes but not pay much attention to everything what is around me.

Times I experience Se are when I listening to music. Especially at night going down the street with headphones, alone. Then I feel so free and - I can't even explain this feeling. The same was when I went with other friend to music club. I could just sit and listen to that amazing loud music. I feel surrounded by sound. It was awesome.

So it seems like S-traits was more but still I don't know. I want to know for sure because I pretty tired of thinking of it. Besides I feel a little awkward on this forum now, I don't want the situation when I realized I'm not the type after writing posts on its' forum.

My cognitive functions:
extraverted Sensing (Se) ********************************* (33.9)
introverted Sensing (Si) ********************************* (33.5)
extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ******************************** (32.9)
introverted Intuiting (Ni) ******************** (20.9)
extraverted Thinking (Te) ********** (10.9)
introverted Thinking (Ti) ********************************* (33.7)
extraverted Feeling (Fe) ************************ (24.5)
introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************************** (50.1)

I'm e6w5. Maybe it'll help somehow too. :) And thanks for reading.

[English isn't native language of mine, so sorry for mistakes.]
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