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I actually had a fortunate opportunity to experiment with the San Pedro cactus just in time before I leave for Sweden for a year to study abroad. It happened last week and if any of you are interested here is the report.

Just a FYI, I'm an anthropology student with an emphasis on studying Cultural uses of various psychotropic substances...etc. So yeah there's some background to my life long passion...

I think, though cliche to cite a movie quote, The Matrix said it best when...
Neo: "You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?"
Choi: "All the time. It's called mescaline, it's the only way to fly."

It's time and I took the first sip. It smells like potato juice but taste very bitter. The taste is a bit salty but not as bad as the M. hostilis brew for the Ayahuasca and is equally hard to get down. My heart is racing right now and it seems impossible to finish all of this in a reasonable matter of time. Thank god I have Bon-Bon (Korean Orange juice in a can) to chase this with.

Damn this shit is hard to down. Feels like I'm going to throw it back up and I'm beginning to get chills because its unpalatable gguuuhhhhwww.... ugh.

I'm definitely feeling something. I have a little bit left to drink, but there are vague patterns forming on my laptop. I'm not sure if its a placebo effect, but the patterns are getting more crisp.

12:52am (writing as is...)
This trip is quite odd. The body high itself feels identical if not more intense than MDMA. It feels fucking amazing. Though the visuals are a bit lacking, but I am getting the usual morphing of objects and my face(is melting) in the mirror. Depth perception has gone out the window pretty much.

This whole trip seems very dreamy and fluid quite different from what I've experience so far with the use of entheogens.

My sense of smell seems to have been heightened since I can smell everything all at once.

Music sounds fantastic.

Everything has that "my eyes are dilated" glow about it and it is hard to focus on one certain object because of how everything in my field of vision are so fluid and "melds" together.

I feel really cold and jittery. I'm not sure if its because of the mescaline but.
The experience is really smooth. wow.
Its like a mixture between, Mj+MDMA+Mushrooms.
The high resembles so many other substances, yet it keeps its own characteristics.
-It has the effects of MJ because I can easily zone out to anything I look at.
-It's body high resembles MDMA/Extacy in that you feel a "buzzy"ness which feels out of this world.
-It also has the visual effect of Psilocybin containing Mushrooms; the visuals themselves are so vivid and solid yet retains its residual fluidity.

Everything seems to be expanding and contracting. Even the words, I am typing this are expanding with a hint of hallucinations.

Never mind the visuals fully kicked in.

The visual for now are only OEV's(Open Eye Visuals) that occur when I zone out to a picture, the wall, my hardwood floor...etc.

To describe my OEV's would be to describe a whole movie in one sentence. Everything is shifting, morphing so quick that all I'm able to do is absorb the visuals. The visuals, at least for me are always a cross between intricate Aztec/Mayan art which all the little details begin to morph into human shapes and faces that go beyond words in terms of their beauty.

Pupils are very dilated

God damn this is some smooth shit.

My whole body is twitching and shaking.

The San Pedro ride is a very curious one. Every time I felt that I had come down and the experience was beginning to come to an end, I would find my self tripping even harder with abstract thoughts that I could have never been thinking of if I was sober.

I tried to sleep but I would just be bombarded with out of this world thoughts. The visuals somewhat began to dissipate around 4-7:00 but sleep was still not possible.

It was one big psychedelic roller coaster ride. It could have been because I only took the threshold dose of one foot but damn, If i had taken any more I would've been tripping even harder and longer.

It's 12:05pm right now and I'm still not sure if I'm fully baseline or not. Still very dreamlike.

San Pedro/Mescaline seems to be a shape-shifting substance since it's quite hard to pin it down while on the ride. It's very elusive and once you think you have it by the neck, it slips away only to return in waves.

During the ride, I was given some pseudo-Epiphany-like insights that I was able wrote down. It way sound abstract and naive-like but this is what was shown to me:

The origin of life surpasses and exceeds the linear metal state we call sobriety or reality. There is no origin of life and to even think so is the human race's downfall. Life is continuous without a beginning or an end. This is why religions is both all true and all false at the same time. The mistake was to try and pinpoint the event of creation of life when creation goes hand-in-hand with destruction and there you have infinity, where distinguishing what ends and what begins is nearly impossible.

Reflecting back the San Pedro ride gave me much more than what I had expected and it was enjoyable, mind-bending, and very euphoric. It's a shame that I only discovered this plant entity at this late time in the summer and I would love to experiment with this more if only I had the time. I'd recommend a low-mid level dose of San Pedro instead of any other substances. The only gripe I have is that I should have boiled the product out a little longer since I didn't even finish the bottle; there was just too much liquid to ingest. It's a very clean yet dreamy ride that some may find quite interesting.

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i think you meant to post this on erowid :tongue:
:) i think infj's could benefit from this. Our society has stigmatized drug use so much that they forget that there are substances out there that are capable of life-changing experiences for both personal and for humanity as well.

If the right person stumbles upon this or any other informative info on erowid..etc then they have the ability to grow and flourish spiritually like no other.

As always, be cautious.
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