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I am in pain; tired; got Pickles Duty; I'm broke; can't drive (medications); don't own a car; this town has no bus; the weather is up/down/all over; my health if frighteningly bad most of the time; I'm isolated; no family but my husband and pet rat...

Yet, still, like today, I experienced kid-like silly joy trying to get a bra back over my head--I had it over my tee shirt in Walmart; got stuck and tangled up, had to have help:

I like this part of me, and it's core--out of sight a lot of times with all the above descending on me, but there/here, always.
I had this baby picked out, then when I named her, the breeder sent me photos because she was sure I was committed.

This is Pieper at 20 days old. She is a Blue Berk (as I call it); technical name: Russian Blue Agouti Berkshire.

We should have her home with us in about 10 days. Then her half-sister in another six weeks or so.
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