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Will you or would you eat GMOs?

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Science or Mother Nature? Kick that bish to the CURB!?

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I was perusing my favorite app, Flipboard, when I came across a Gizmodo posting about GMO foods. The vast majority of people were jumping on board the meat wagon of synthetic foods, stating that it was the only way we will survive in the long run (eating lab created chicken breasts and beef burgers.)

While I am highly opinionated on the subject my usual attitude towards GMO is somewhere between "that shit's fake" to "I do not know if the long term effects are positive given the fact that industrial food is such a capitalistic driven mentality."

So I am curious. Would you eat a lab grown flesh burger or a test tube generated chicken breast? If so, do you care if your food is labeled GMO or not?
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I obviously would prefer to have a burger that was cut out of a cow's ass(yes, hamburger is generally ass meat) than one grown in a petri dish. But if it didn't taste any different, and it had no effects on my health, I think I'd be ok with eating GMO meats.
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