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Science Proves It: This Is the Saddest Scene Ever

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can you vote for each emotion:
If you vote, don´t forget to say your personality type.

Here is the information about the scientific study

Here are the 16 clips named in Levenson and Gross's orignal study:
Still from "The Champ" courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


The Champ: "Boy cries at father's death"
Bambi: Bambi's mother dies

My Bodyguard: "Bully scene"
Cry Freedom: "Police abuse protestors"

When Harry Met Sally: Sally fakes an orgasm at a restaurant
An unspecified clip from Robin Williams Live


Pink Flamingos: "Person eats dog faeces"
Stock clip of an arm being amputated

The Shining: Boy sees twins in the hallway
Silence of the Lambs: "Basement chase scene"


A stock clip of waves
A stock clip of a beach scene

Capricorn One: "Agents burst through the door"
Sea of Love: "Person startled by pigeons"

A stock clip of abstract shapes
A stock clip of color bars
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