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I have such an observation Ne works like external, universal lego blocks from which you can do whatever you want but refer to the external building material
something like buying a finished brick to build a house .. so does Fe u ENTP and INFJ
but at ENTP we have our building blocks which are Si and Ti something like clay for firing pots ..
In infj this is exactly how Ni works because it is the reverse of Ne, and the system of features infj works in the opposite way than entp ..
it's easy..
Thus, the fundamental difference in the operation of the infj to entp processor is that infj does not create universal Lego blocks or bricks
but my own clay, therefore problems infj ..
just cut off this error, like a bad pressure sensor in the furnace .. bridge the contacts and after the problem
infj feels through universal bricks, Fe and Se blocks .. external environment and therefore imbalance ..
THEREFORE, not meditation will help infj !!!
But do the opposite, as the vessel with sails has ballast on the other side
if you feel that the environment overwhelms you, it subjectivizes it as if it were your own pots made of clay, not universal bricks from the store or Lego blocks ...
but if it does turn on, do it universally, like lego blocks .. which can be difficult but it's worth trying
plus is energy saving
or call just some entp .. for free
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