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Finally, at a later age, I decided to get into IT for real, right now I am studying and seeking internship somewhere.

As a youngster it was kinda what everyone thought id become, even myself. But for some reason I lost confidence in myself and that path maybe, dimissing it with the thought id not want to be chair bound anyway, I am very practical minded too.
But now here I am, back at IT (get it, hehe.. "back at IT..." ha.. ha..).
I can feel the passion for it, its hard letting go sometimes, spending hours into the night setting something up, learning.
I feel like I lost a little time with the years, so maybe I put into the extra effort, buying books, reading, etc.

Here I am now, partly thru my study, but still without internship. I have seen plenty others get a internship.
And I am a bit like.. WTF is happening sometimes...
The least technically minded can seem to go to the most technical demanding companies.
While the most technically minded maybe get to go in internships involving simple phone support.

Ofcourse this isn't a 100% thing, I am sure, and there is more to it than that, maybe those others are just the most structured then.
Also has to with personality, I entirely believe to notice that the "Go-getter" smart type places hire the more extroverted whom could seem to be the same way. Or the small company with a more introverted boss and staff gets the more introverted.
After all, people group with other people they like mostly. Ofcourse I have also heard people hiring someone because they be a great oppesite ... and in very big companies I guess this is all less cared about more often.

Most I know have landed internship within their 1-3th interview, and here I am, on my 15th or so.
Among things I've been told.. "Your a great person, good personality, social, we like you. And your the strongest person technically we had in, but we picked someone else" :heart::confused: :angry::dry::frustrating::laughing:.
Guy at the interview later advised me to be more formal (upper staff maybe thought I wasn't formal enough).
Great!, that was the one single time I had decided to show up more casual and laid back in a sweater instead of a shirt, and speak more freely, as some other companies maybe had sought :rolleyes:.

Thankfully i have gotten lots of praise from techers, co-students, and places I went. It gives some confidence and belief beyond what I can have myself.
But wow.. what does it all matter sometimes, and I can sink so low.. Or get pumped for "I will just do my own thing then!".

Maybe sometimes it can also be a problem being one of the more knowledgeable?. There being bigger expectations?, me more easily messing up something, since after all, I don't know everything(and never would claim to do so), thats pretty difficult in the IT world, since there are so many different systems, etc.

One time I decided to give it hell about everything I know, or least have some experience with, not knowing all, but some. And I am pretty sure at that specific interview they gave impression as seeing me as bit of a fraud or something, at a time mentioning/mubbling.. "If you know all you claim.." what?!!.. .. .. ..... Well, I didn't really claim to know it all, just that I had some degree of insight. Blah. So maybe there it would had been better to say much less.
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