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I am confident in being a 9, sp/so, but the wing is hard. I feel like a mix of both!

Why I could be a 9w8:

I do enjoy some forms of conflict. Genuine arguing sucks, but I enjoy debating with people over random things and challenging ideas/traditions. I am a bit trollish and like to pull pranks. I like to lead at times. I don't do it much since I'm quiet, but when I'm passionate about something and full of ideas, I'll want to take charge. 9w8s are said to be calm out of strength and not just to avoid conflict, and that fits me good. While I do stay calm to avoid conflict, there are often times where I just find it silly to fret over something. I've heard 9w8s described as fearless. I am an anxious person and am not the bravest, but I enjoy adventure when it comes to traveling, riding scary rides and eating very spicy and foreign food. I relate to having a protective anger. Like if people are talking about things that going against my beliefs, I usually don't care. But if I read an article about someone getting hurt or something, I get fired up. I root for the underdog too.

Why I could be a 9w1:

I have some perfectionistic tendencies. I am terribly disorganized, and people have thought 9w8 because of it. However, I find myself fretting over details in papers. I feel guilt and shame a lot, whether that's over forgetting a task, doing poor on an assignment, or asking for too much. Even if it's not a piercing guilt, it's like that inner critic goes through my mind. I dislike feeling and looking incompetent. I should learn to take criticism more-I'm guessing 1s wouldn't like it because it'll make them feel incompetent? 9w1s are said to be more withdrawn, like me. I am SP and an introvert though. But yeah, I spend a lot of time by myself and am introspective. I've read about 9w1s being more turbulent on the inside while 9w8s are more calm. I am very turbulent on the inside despite my calm face. I have my moral compass, albeit I do have Fi. My values are fairness, open-mindedness, responsibility and generosity.

Also, on the subject of anger. I don't express it much, but I'm fairly in touch with it. What makes me angry is people being obnoxious, critical, controlling, and judgmental. When I'm feeling angry, I pace around and put on metal/angry music. I might rant to a friend if I'm feeling angry, but yeah, I don't show it much, and I especially don't like to show it if I'm angry at a loved one. If I'm angry in a conflict, I usually back down, but I'll roast the person if I'm feeling gutsy. I'm more likely to roast an ex than a parent though.

What do you think?
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