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I've currently been aware of having Borderline Personality Disorder and defiantly others
which is like being hyper-sensitive towards everything
can't even have my parents walk near me without feeling
severely uncomfortable and also seems
that I'm quite unstable when someone provokes my emotions
which leads towards confusion and eventual relationship departure however ; ).

Since then been thinking about myself and decided *Fuck this* I'm going to be self aware.

So far I realize that my energy type -> kinetic meaning "access" plays a big part for me emotionally .

Using this diagram as reference :

My favorite emotion is :
Elated which I get from accessing everything that provides kinetic energy
where wanted by myself and others.

I have a accessible rule-set that must be fulfilled however before I let others control me "usually".

Now you are probably wondering "great you realize , observe and use yourself better"
and you would be somewhat aligned by saying that.

Where too now ?.

Id like to be more aware of other people internally and externally
which I think is very accessible once you understand there energy type
here is my self-made list of the energy types :

INFP = Electric
ENFP = Magnetic

ISTP = Mechanical Work
ESTP = Mechanical Wave

ISTJ = Gravitational
ESTJ = Ionization

INTP = Nuclear
ENTP = Radiant

ISFP = Rest
ESFP = Thermal

ISFJ = Chemical
ESFJ = Elastic

INFJ = Mechanical
ENFJ = Heat

INTJ = Potential
ENTJ = Kinetic

So there you have it I am now able to fully realize , observe and access any personality
without provoking suffering just by being aware of how they apply and offset there energies.

+1 for me lol.
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