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Forget about T/F at the moment - this is along the lines of where I think the strengths of each are, with regards to 'thinking' in the everyday sense of the word - not "T", "Ti", "Te" etc.
Emphasis on the word strengths.. these might not be preferences.. which is where people might lean more F over T, if they prefer to rely on personal ethics/morals etc.

Analytical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Strategic Thinking

Creative Thinking
Analytical Thinking
Critical Thinking

Notice the overlap of Critical Thinking and Analytical Thinking - I'm thinking at the moment, that these two could possibly be indicators of a general T over F preference.

I believe Extraverts will spend more time Selling Ideas, and Introverts will spend more time engaging in Constructive Thinking.

As you will note - most of the links I've provided are from the same website - Visual Thinking Magic - and you're probably like.. "visual thinking, that's all Se, you're an idiot" well I would suggest to you that you can't intuit shit, can't think about shit, can't feel shit, if you don't perceive anything and therefore it's wise to just view this idea as a platform for both Sensing and Intuition to bounce off of.

I'm also of the belief that various forms of memory can be correlated to preferences for Sensing or Intuition - and perhaps divided into Extraverted and Introverted forms of those as well - I'll save these ideas for another thread - I've got a killer book that's sparking so many great ideas with regards to things that could be connected to a more Sensor style of memory, or an Intuitive style of memory - with a fair amount of overlap - can't wait to digest it all and flesh out my thoughts.

I would absolutely love to hear any and all ideas/thoughts/comments etc on this.
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