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I know this is rather sensitive to many people as there is a lot of anger that resides under somethings in respect to problems that stem from some perspectives.
It's of course expected that you engage with one another but what I'm looking for is more an expression of what similarities and differences you think exist due to sex.
I'm perhaps not inclined for people to share anecdotal evidence of what they believe to be the case, not even necessarily concerned of whether you think mentioned differences are purely biological or controlled largely by environmental factors.

I'm just curious to see what people think the differences are considering that it's quite common for people to cite the sexes as dramatically different and it makes me curious how much does one actually know about said differences.
Can one explain the implications of the difference in grey and white matter between the sexes?

So do share what you think the differences and similarities are and if you can provide something to back up your conclusion.
What differs in our bodies? What differs in our cultural experiences? What differs in our general outcomes? How has any of this changed relative to the past? Share your wealth of knowledge ^_^

General Pieces to spark thoughts of what to investigate

If this thread starts to go down in flames I will request it be closed.
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