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Pride and Prejudice,
She took it well

I was the conqueror
Who spread her smell
Across my lips and on my dick
She road me many times
She did, did, did.

Let me explain
At first I played
Most innocent

And let me refrain
From describing
The sin we did so indifferent

It was not passion just curiosity
Which caused me to play so coy and shy
And then get her in my car later that night after her shift and vision-works
Where we kissed under the neon sign.

"Where were you dear" my wife would say?
"Fucking the associate at vision-works," I dare brave,
to think I would, but would not say.

Her lovely pussy, nine years my junior
Engulfed my thick and deep like a voracious fat child eating cake for the first time in nine years.

Oh my...swallow it all
As she slurps and she sucks
I'm reminded of the time
I once was in love
With a little angel dove
But then became an addict of sex
and at endless from that bowl of chex

They say the devil is mass producer of cereal
and I am a serial carnivore of pussy

There is no solace in my soul
Woe is me, except my happy cock

Yay yay yay.
Pride and prejudice
Today today today.
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