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We walk into the grill
"One lafa please and one chick shwirma"

The sexy cashier waves her hair overzealously to get my attention. She competes with my girlfriend for me attention.

3 pm
Behind the girl
Cashier is suck my cock as I slap her face.

"Dirty bitch. If my girlfriend catches us she'll cut off your clit."

She sucks harder like a hurricane tossing up water, spit, kneed, suck and insert deragatory remark that demeans her woman hood but makes her more wet - "vile whore"

"Oh you like it" she says.

3:10 pm
Girlfriend sees us, pants down, fucking by the jeep.

My dick starts getting soft because I can't believe it's real.

Kristine starts licking my ass.
I get mad.
"Lick her ass bitch!"

I like making her like the ass of hot strangers.

And staring at nebulas and galaxies or in the country where the city lights don't get in the way.

I love nature and I want to be kind to her and I like swinging and having vile dirty sex.

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