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Sex questions and answers !

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I'm currently studying to become a sex educator and want to do a major in human sexuality one day, I think myself to be quite knowledgeable in the field of sex, clinically and just in general. :jedi-lightsaber:

Do you have any burning questions of any sort ? Feel free to ask, but take in mind I am not a doctor or therapist, anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt and decoded with some degree of mature critical thinking. :exterminate:

Ask away !

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It looks like we are all experts apparently.
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Or maybe because questions are already posted
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I have a question.

I don't understand the appeal of rough sex, sexual masochism, and rape fantasy.
What is the appeal of being objectified?
I'm struggling to know.
Is it because there is pleasure in knowing that physical sensations to others are assigned to you as an object?

I would like to hear an answer much more detailed then " There's pleasure in pain."
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