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Hi! I'm an INFP male from Norway :ball: (forgive my English), and after my past relationship im not ready to seek for a new one..

However, I really want to have sex with girls just for fun- I know this is not normal to think for INFPs but my view at it is different from before.. I plan to not letting anyone get hurt in the process! And I would also like to explore sexually with girls I like.
Naturally, ENFJ girls is the type I love and could find at parties most likely, as I like to dance and is quite charming when I'm doing it. I also look very extroverted on the dance-floor even though I'm not..

I already got the snapchat from a girl I believe is ENFJ, but I dont know how to hook up with her.. and mby ENFJ girls really dont like sex just for sex? As an INFP I value deep connection, and I'm sure ENFJ does the same. At least this ENFJ I kissed at this party! :couple_inlove: The thought of deep sensual connection I could have with her during sex makes me
dream nowadays.. :violin:

is it possible for me to have a romantic night with her? after I tell my true intention ofc. I might even like her as a GF but I'm probably not pretty enough (heh she is hot). Also, I'm prepared for only sex anyway so I won't get sad if that's all I get (I'd be more than happy in fact).

I wonder if you people have any thoughts on this.. what should I do?
Should I seek other types that is more likely to hook up for sex? In that case I would have to hide my weird self on the parties.. I kinda want to be myself, but I can find it fun to use my actor side as well. However, I really really want to avoid pretending to be something else to get some fun sexual experiences.

I wish for a kind spirit to help my thoughts <3 :anyone:
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