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I've got tons, I realize a lot of the time when I talk to people, considering that I'm generally comfortable with them, I go onto the full metaphorical-mode whenever whatever topics that we're discussing about requires you ponder and analyze. It's almost like metaphorization is the default mode of my analytical mindset. Obviously sometimes it ends up producing something really lame. But I'll share some with you guys

At probably around 8 or 9, I came with with this with one of my best best friends because she has been feeling alienated for a really long time. So I told her, there are two types of people in the world. Potatoes and tomatoes, some are in between pomatoes and totatoes. You're probably a tomato, who lives in a world inhabited by potatoes. It's going to be hard, but you can at least take pride in being the rarer ones
Now I see what's going on there, potatoes are probably like sensors and tomatoes are intuitives in a sense

And then I guess at around 10, I told her that people are like jigsaw puzzle, some are dented and some bulges, normally you get those two at different parts on your puzzle piece. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they 'seemingly' fit, which is when you forcefully plug two piece together and the two sort of clasp together and doesn't fall off. And that's basically what most people fall for in failed marriages or broken relationships.
Again, when I review it now, it can sort of be explained by those false illusions and initial attractions between cognitives functions of different people.

Yesterday I was talking about deep relational and character stuff with this same friend again. And I came up with a couple of those metaphors:
She was saying she thought she was over-logical. And I told her
Logic itself as a quality, isn't positive, or negative, it's a neutral thing. It's like neutrons you know, no charge.

And then we were talking about people's style of communication/delivery
I started going full on hypothetical with electrical pathways and sequence
One person we were discussing about was an INFJ: My comment on her is a wire with lots of holes on the sides, electricity (the medium carrier of message) burns like fireworks on those little holes as they pass through the wire. that's why she can effortlessly draw ppl's attention when she has something to say

Whereas, I am basically the opposite. I tend to be what I would call 'unintentionally shunned off'. No one hears me all the time, for whatever reasons. I haven't think of a theoretic model for my communication style though, hate to analyze myself sometimes. Maybe you guys could help me do that :DDD

My friend is an ESTP, who I think has more of a logical common sense than a strategical one many T types possess, she told me that she was so sensitive to the potential outcomes for every action/word she commits, to the point her 'default mode' of thinking goes like thought/urge -> options -> potential impact of urge -> action
As an INFP I found that intriguing, because most of the times the option/potential impact step in the flow chart only appears with hindsight or at least, an afterthought.
With this information, I incorporated it to the electric pathway model and here's what I told her:
You're like a circuit with a voltage transfer, when electricity passes through the transfer it's immediately processed and regulated before it's transmitted to the receiver. So it's kind of like everyone will have toned down, stripped off its shine, before the final product is delivered.

The last metaphor is on comparison. My friend seems to like that a lot.Basically it's
A broccoli shouldn't compare itself with beef to see who got more protein and vice versa.
It simply has to learn to self honor itself for its fibres.

What do you guys think? Do metaphors as such fills your mind 24/7 as well? Do people normally comprehend them? Cause I found it such a luxuxry when people can be speaking in each of their metaphoric ways and still understand each other pefectly :D
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