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Gets redundant to read but somethings I am grateful for, every day:

1) Meditating just 30 minutes a day is helping me so much that things which used to irritate to actually piss me off don't phase me--no matter how messy, unexpected, et cetera.

2) I'm old enough now to know how much I didn't need to know, and still young enough to stop stuffing my head full of useless information.

3) My husband is easy to please when it comes to me: He likes me--and it still catches me off-guard just how much, and how often he conveys it.

4) Our rat, Pickles is doing so well on her home-made (revamped) diet she's feisty, into everything--I can't keep up, and as she, like all rats, has a short life-span, I'm happy to let her drive me nuts.

5) This forum: I need it, and here it is...
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