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1) Woke up angry, knew why, stayed with the feeling but didn't "follow it," i.e. didn't get lost in it.
2) Stayed on track, in order, starting with drinking tea and daily reading.
3) Got everything set up for Pickles, let her out for fun; she had a great time.
4) Did my range-of-motion; 30 minutes of Vipassana meditation.
5) Breeder sent me pictures of "My girl" I had told her I named Pieper.

BONUS: Lovely walk around the neighborhood with my husband. We ran into a child we knew; great story goes with that. Enjoyed the weather which is warm, flowers, squirrels, being together...

This is Pieper; photo taken today: She is 20 days old, and the biggest girl.
She is bigger than most of her brothers. She has white socks and gloves! :joyous:
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