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1) Woke up and got to it: Reinstalled Linux on the old Asus; it's running well again--I couldn't hook up to the Internet, and before that, I had slow-downs and other problems.

2) Pickles and Pieper are totally chill now with each other. Only problem, which is natural--Pickles is too old for Pieper's speed and enthusiasm, antics; I enjoy them.

3) It's pay day which means a simple, nice meal--and because it's Friday we can stay up late and my husband "might" get more than his typical 5 hours sleep.

4) I ordered the Market for publishing haiku. I've been writing them for years now but never considered publishing them--kept waiting to get my health back so I could return to a book-length manuscript. Now my attitude is "share what you can while you can with people who enjoy the particular form you're using.

5) I'm sticking to my once-a-day eating except for today I woke up hungry, so two meals. Bowel disease? Same as my bio-dad, but I'm not as tough as he was or is, so I gotta be careful, make concessions, accept a reality foreign to him.

BONUS: I feel mellow in spite of, or including low energy.
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