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Hours to myself as my husband attends church and I don't--and he's on The Worship Team, otherwise involved in ways that keeps him there for longer than a traditional service (not that he attends a traditional church).

Also, I was able to shower--not just do what my husband and I call 'dunk my head' and do a sorta sponge bath.

Plus, best part? I was able to sit Vipassana on my seiza bench for 25 minutes, and began it as I always do with Metta meditation.

And I fed all the girls the hard-boiled egg yolk I don't eat (I only eat the whites), and they were thrilled with it, and very funny the fierce way the come to snatch it as though I am going to keep it for myself. Silly Chub Scouts, as I call our rats. ٩(˘◡˘)۶
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