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I ranked doing Vipassana (which starts with Metta) up toward top of my To Do List, and I did it, sat for 28 minutes, which kicked off the right knee pain but it's cool, I'm in my recliner resting it.

I ate my homemade hummus with Manna bread (rye sprouts and purified water glaumed together) with diced tomatoes. Very good, nutritious, low fat, lots of anti-inflammatory properties which I need.

Read some from DNA Is NOT Destiny by Steven J. Heine (interesting so far).

Fed The Chub Scouts one piece each of Barbara's Oaties (nickname for whatever it is actually called) and one slice each of banana; left 'em happy.

Drank far more liquids already than I did the whole time yesterday: Diluted vegetable broth; good on me.

Found out from the postal worker how to handle a package being sent to Colony TX instead of where it should have been delivered: To me.

Did my Basic Rehab work: Piriformis stretch, Child's Pose, Legs Up the Wall.

Used some kind of liquid glue on a tear one of our rats made in the pillow I use to ease back pain; got it pinned, and when the glue dries I plan to do an adequate job of sewing up the rip, and gently remind my husband to pull pillows from the bed so it won't happen again.

I'm grateful I can, over all, handle hand-to-mouth eating, paying of bills, doing without so much other Americans (middle-class ones, those with credit, living with their parents, et cetera) take for granted because being realistic I'm likely to become more, not less, financially stable, in need of self-discipline and a sense of humility to face 'the inevitable difficulties and failures in life' then applying the rest of Metta:

"Rising above the inevitable difficulties and failures with morality, integrity, mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness and wisdom."

All of the that is for myself and all other living beings; that's the goal, anyway--and I'm working with 'gentle diligence' on keeping my eye on the prize:

The end of suffering (not to be confused with pain).
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