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I give a lot of stuff to a Christian neighbor who runs a Free Store out of her garage. Today I went by as part of my Vitamin D walk, and although I rarely find anything I need I saw a padded bench, wood base--the kind people use to toss stuff on in an entry way or sit on to take their boots off.

I immediately I thought, "That might work as a weight bench, like my old one..."

So I laid on it, made the motion for doing a butterfly with dumbbells--and it was a perfect fit/match--and yes, sturdy enough.

I asked but the Christian woman checked her messages (via cell phone) and said someone was interested in using it as a foot stool, should be by to get it 'soon,' and I thought, damn!

Then I said, "It's not a foot stool," and she smiled and agreed.

I said, "I've got two foot stools, maybe she'd trade. Can I bring them by?" She said, "Sure."

I walked home, knocked on another neighbor's door, asked if Taylor was around, and he came to the door, I told him what I needed, he smiled and said, "Sure."

We got the foot stools, I carried one, he carried one, went up the alley, and the lady hadn't arrived so we left the foot stools and came back in 30 minutes but she hadn't shown, so we went back to my place, B.S.'d a bit, and 20 minutes later headed back...

The woman who needed a foot stool was there, inside the garage looking through clothing, so I asked her if she might be willing to trade--more sure than not the answer would be no, but she said, "No problem, I just need a footstool."

I asked, "Just one?" She said, "yes," and I asked, "Which one?" She said, "It doesn't matter," so then I hesitated for the first time--which one should I keep; which one would my husband prefer I keep, and decided to take back the one whose legs unscrew, make it easier to move this spring, so away Taylor and I went, and he took the bench downstairs in the basement for me.

I can't believe I got it.

It's a perfect match/fit, and I couldn't take the other one from San Diego to Ohio--it would have cost more than the bench itself to ship it, and I figured I get one like it here but merchandise changes so fast that I couldn't find a plain bench, well made, like it.

Well, I got one now. xD

My husband thinks, sometimes, that he's an optimist and I'm a pessimist, but I just see the possible problems, part of my upbringing, although I must say I had it early--critiquing cartoons, for christ's sake, I couldn't help it.


It's in there, man.

I can go down in the basement, soon as I map out the Beginning Workout--much like the one I started with back around 2006 but make allowances for 10 years of aging and worse cervical/lumbar spine disease, all the rest, go slow and do it:

Get back in shape.

I got living to do. I'm not done yet, and aging is going a lot better now that I'm focusing on 1) Accepting it, 2) Making the best of it, which doesn't just include but has physical fitness ranked top of the list, or 'Foundation Work.'

I'm grateful I can map it out, get it done, no matter how slow the going.
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