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1) Sunny outside.

2) I'm not hurting as much from weight training as last week, not even close, so I am doing more than one thing right--taking it a good kind of easy for today through Thanksgiving, that's the plan.

3) Thanksgiving: In spite of not being a Christian, and even though I told my husband I wouldn't mind not celebrating the holiday, I decided after all to go to his church Sunday, which is when they celebrate it (we attended together, the first time, three years ago for their Thanksgiving dinner--just worked out that way). And when I told my husband I changed my mind, he was pleased, adding that a member of the church said she missed seeing me, wished I'd come visit, so that will be a nice surprise for her.

4) The girls are warm, fed, resting. And I don't feel a need to get them out as I did yesterday--that would undo letting my muscles rest today; they can come out as usual, tonight for Rat Patrol when my husband is here to do the lioness' share of the work.

5) Didn't pressure myself to take a Vitamin D walk even though it's sunny out. Nope. Resting means just that: Nothing extra; nothing not necessary.
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