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Sup INFPs :cool:,

I'd love to go through all the "what are you listening to right now" except while I'm driving, or not at my computer or something. Anyone upload playlists? I need to make one and upload it myself... xD

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I have a playlist called "Melancholy Music" which includes the following:

1. "[Untitled Sad Piano Song]" from Yu Yu Hakusho
2. "Ice Dance" by Danny Elfman (Edward Scissorhands soundtrack)
3. "Rag Doll" by The Four Seasons
4. "My Dsmbr" by Linkin Park
5. "Mayonaise" by Smashing Pumpkins
6. "For Martha" by Smashing Pumpkins
7. "Solitude" by Black Sabbath
8. "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot
9. "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley
10. "Daddy's Gone" by Glasvegas
11. "Flowers And Football Tops" by Glasvegas
12. "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins
13. "Someday The Dream Will End" by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu (Final Fantasy X soundtrack)
14. "Do You Remember Me?/Lila's Theme" by Richard Sherman and Shelby Flint
15. "Ready To Go Home" by Sissel Kyrkjebo (10cc cover)
16. "How To Be Dead" by Snow Patrol
17. "13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed" by A Silver Mount Zion
18. "Thirty-Three" by Smashing Pumpkins
19. "Pink Bullets" by The Shins
20. "Railroad Boy" by The Magnetic Fields
21. "Footprints On My Ceiling" by Social Distortion

That's all that's on there for now. I should update it and also add to my playlists for other moods...

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Don't have any music playlists, but I've got a sizable archive of all sorts of music and I made a couple of "mix tapes" (and by that, I mean CD-Rs). One is all video game music (mostly from the '80s and '90s). The other is mostly Oingo Boingo, Meat Puppets, SSQ, Soundgarden, Talking Heads, R.E.M., Scorpions, Rush, Devo, The Human League, and Alice Cooper.

If I make another one, it'll probably have some early '90s Billy Idol.
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Hybrid Theory
Slim Shady LP
Marshall Mathers LP
D12- Devil's Night
NaS- Illmatic
NaS- StILLmatic
Notorious B.I.G - Ready to Die
Killswitch Engage- Alive or Just Breathing
Killswitch Engage- As Daylight Dies
Metallica- Black Album/Master of Puppets/Kill Em All
Megadeth- United Abominations, Peace Sells but Whose buying, Rust in Peace
Amon Amarth- Twilight of the thunder god
Mobb Deep- The Infamous
Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers
GZA- Liquid Swords
Method Man- Tical
Redman - Whut Thee Album/Muddy waters

My music taste is rather varied, but this is an example of the albums I listen to on a daily basis at least once
I also enjoy Gorillaz, Foo Fighters, The Clash, GnR, Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, Fatboy slim

Lets just say my music taste is extremely random at best, I even like video game and movie soundtracks

Crimson Tide
We Were Soldiers
The Rock

Deus Ex
Call of Duty (MW1 and MW2 soundtracks were masterpieces)
Rome Total War- The divine music makes me feel like an imperator

My vehicle is INFP, 9w8. Vroom vroom!!
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I don't make playlists, but throw on The Doors' self-titled album for me since I was compelled to listen to it multiple times today.

...And Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti.

...And listen to "The Stroke" by Billy Squier because it was in a lot of ways the awakening of my musical taste as independent of my parents and family.

...And "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" by the Hollies because the intro is so darn cool.

I'll stop now before I accidentally make a playlist! :wink:

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I don't make playlists but have channels on Pandora, here's a peek: Glee Holiday, Glee Cast, Soundtracks.

On utubes I listen to lots of "live" stations: Studio Ghibli live radio 24/7, Blizzard Storm Sounds Relaxing Snowfall, Coffee Jazz, Cozy Winter Jazz

... and about one million more stations, songs and videos on Calm Radio, utubes, Pandora...
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