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I wanted to create this thread so everyone can share what they like writing. :) I saw a lot of poetry threads on the forum but I didn't see any thread about writing in a more general way. I personally like writing poetry, song lyrics but also texts that can be kind of in between poetry and self expression.

Here's one of my texts:

Every day, I feel like I’m in the purgatory, waiting to settle a pending case that’s haunting me.
And never will I find peace of mind as long as it will be torturing me again and again, preventing me from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, hoping for answers and a happier ending as if the path I travelled was depending of it.
As if my happiness was depending of the forgiveness I would give or keep, of broken pieces that will be soldered or not, of pages of the book where is written my happy ending that will be preserved or torn apart.

And, like in a nightmare, I feel this pending case consuming me without no one seeing it’s flames.
I feel the poison invading my body when the world saw me smothering from an apple.
I feel the light shutting down, leaving it’s place to darkness, when all thought in a naive optimism candles were fabricated in unlimited quantity.

My pending case… Is you. Unforgettable, irreplaceable, unreachable you.
But it’s also me. And us.
And all that’s ever tied us to each other like a red thread attached to our hands, because this scenario is redundant : the one where I fight to weave what you end up cutting.

Maybe some day, what I am trying to weave in vain won’t be chopped off anymore, maybe I even finally won’t be the only one weaving anymore. And that will finally be the day that will authorize my happy ending, out of the purgatory.

Would anyone else like to share their creations? :D
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