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I've got to do a homework about the impact of "Shared Vision" for an online course and have to interview people for it. I'm supposed to interview my subordinates, plus 10 - 15 other people. Seeing as I don't have any subordinates, I thought maybe you guys can help out?
Could you answer the two questions below? Also, so that it's not just me free-loading, let's discuss this topic in general.

1) Tell me about a time in which you felt proud to be in this organization (your workplace, school or volunteer group).
2) Tell me about a time when this organization was at its best.

General Discussion:
Have you worked at places that have a shared vision vs. those that don't? Did you notice a difference? Or is this the first time you've heard about this idea? Would you be interested in your company having a shared vision or is it all hot air? What do you think about schools having "Mission Statements"? Did/ does your school have an inspirational mission statement or is it just a generic description of what schools are anyway, dressed up in fancy verbiage?
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