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Bolded are parts I found important in typing you, and I went through it in order, just so you could see my thought process while doing it.

Scenario 1

Initially worried that I’d done something wrong when it came to wedding planning, something she didn’t like.
After finding out about the cancer I’d assume she’s doing it in a misguided way to protect me, I’d understand why she’s doing it but worry about the pressure she’s going to be under. I’d want to make things as easy as possible for her.

Primary focus: Making it easier for her.
Valued, though weak, F - perhaps Fe?

Scenario 2

I’d probably end up helping them out but at the same time trying to avoid doing too much for them. I’d make sure they understood the assignment, what it’s asking for and maybe even point them in the right direction towards solving the problem. I might consider helping them in a bit more detail but ideally I’d like them to learn for themselves and not come to rely on me.

The thing that stands out for me is that he’s not asking me to do the work for him, he just wants me to tutor or mentor him, I don’t mind helping people as long as they’re willing to help themselves, I like that they’ve already spent a weekend working on it.
Focuses on fair play - Fi/Te potentially.

Scenario 3

I like the first option more, working in a team and spreading the workload. I like the idea of team dynamics, letting everyone do what they do best so we achieve more and learn more. I’m not really an idea generator, I rely on other people with those skills and am much more useful at filtering their ideas, picking the good ones and building on them and pushing them through to success.

I also like that the project will have a bigger impact and address problems across the whole company.
Te preference for sure.

Scenario 4

I like to have a good big picture idea of how the project works and what’s needed, I fight for minimalism and simplicity so understanding what is needed is important to me.

My approach is to sit back and listen to the ideas of others before stepping in to leverage the smaller details that they may have missed, I like to build on the ideas of others to reach the goal in the simplest way possible.

As a big picture thinker I like to focus the group towards the goal and avoid letting them get too distracted from what we need to achieve. I often find myself having to bring a group back into focus and to reiterate the goals to make sure we’re not going in the wrong direction.

With a good group I’m quite happy to let them generate the breadth of ideas while I pick the valuable stuff and dig deeper..
Pi/Te for sure...most likely a Pi-dominant.

Scenario 5
I’d probably end up playing some computer games, sitting back comfortably with a coffee and letting my self get immersed into the game.

On a nice day I’d go for a walk with my IPod, I walk fast without worrying where I’m going or what’s going on around me

At night I’d go for a beer or two in the local bar either with a book or just chatting to the bar staff as I play on my phone.
Heavy, heavy Pi. This confirms Pi dominant, Te auxiliary, or IxTJ. However, this focus on comfort and relaxation suggests Si.

Scenario 6

Currently I’m a Software Engineer considering a career change

Top 3:
Manager: Responsibility, making a difference, big picture role, being in control, able to add my own style to the department.
Engineer: Problem solving, using my intelligence, learning knowledge, always growing in value. producing something I can see and measure.
Accountant : (Not on the list) - Working with numbers, specialist, working for myself (freelance), challenging. options for diversification and career progression.

Things I’d never consider: Artist, Actor, Musician, Clergy, Child Care, Medical Doctor

It was difficult to pick 3 from the list, not many of the roles really attracted my style hence why I added an extra option :) Not many of the roles offer both the challenge and the freedom that I crave, I’d like the freedom to travel and enjoy my leisure time while also potentially working overseas. Eventually I’d like to step back from the corporate world and live in the countryside so I’d like a job that would allow for this.

Top considerations in order: Autonomy, Challenge, Variety and the ability to differentiate myself from the people around me and to make a good use of my knowledge, skills and intelligence.
This confirms Si-dominant for me. There's an extreme emphasis of comfort, relaxation, and a sort of 'doing my own thing'. You kind of give me the vibe of a relaxed guy, who's not too relaxed and can be moved into action, but for the most part, independent and effective at work. In terms of Socionics functions, you're definitely an SLI, which is equivalent to MBTI ISTx, but you should relate more to ISTJ naturally. Here's a description:

Socionics Types: SLI-ISTp

Tell me what you think!
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