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Should I do an INTP related website?

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So, I'm a web-designer (still a student designer, so semi-newish), and really need to start getting more samples for my portfolio, so I can start really working on getting more clients.

I'm working on a simple dragon themed site right now, and I'm thinking about what my next project should be.

Maybe something INTP related? Would there be an interest in that sort of thing? Ideas for what kind of things should be on such as site (including interactive features, since I really need an excuse to improve my programming skills)?

Also visually, what do you associate with INTPs, or see as appealing to INTPs? I know what appeals to me, but don't want this to just end up being a personal site.

I also want this to be something different, so it won't be offering too much of a repeat of what's all ready here, and on other sites, though that might be unavoidable, at least to a certain extent.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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