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It's not my marriage, so part of me thinks I should just not do anything. But another part of me thinks I need to confront him on it. I really don't care if he gets angry with me and won't to talk to me for a while. He needs to hear this from someone, and quite honestly I can't think of anyone else who is willing to step up to the plate.
Just curious, how vocal is wifey about the situation? And more importantly, how does she express her concerns? Also, how receptive has he been to her approach?

And what was their original agreement involving finishing school, working, and having children? Likely, you had no part in the decision making when they decided to be grown ups* and get married so I'm hesitant to tell you to interject unless one or both have come to you directly, which would then involve you in this problem. Unless he's a raging alcoholic and an intervention is needed.

*Even grown ups skip the crucial pre-nups which cover this stuff, but let's say they were mature enough to talk about it and at least lay out some ground rules.
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