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Well first of all... he is harming you with what he's doing. He's harming you and forcing you to defend your reputation. So are you allowed to defend your reputation? Absolutely. As long as you just sit by quietly, you'll feel bitter about it.

If I were you, I'd fight. :laughing: In fact, I've been in this situation before.

First thing I'd do... If your reputation is bothering you, talk to people that he's convinced to dislike you. be warm, kind, and genuine. Be yourself...

In fact, you could be warm and kind with him as well (as much as you can bear) Us INFJs can empathize with even people we dislike... use this to your advantage. Continue to do this and you can define the conflict. Not as a problem you have, but as a problem he has.

If you define the conflict as his irrational hatred (That is, if you give him no reason or anyone else any reason to dislike him), then any negative thing he says or any negative thing he does to you, will just further prove that he is irrational.

It's a vicious cycle and can essentially force him to play nice. It's a bit manipulative and underhanded.... but he was the one who started down this path. :wink:
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