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Should I stay in school or take a break?

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I've been in college for 6 years both full time and part time studying/majoring (in) a wide variety of subjects (music, english, geography, environmental science) and just got my Associate Degree of Arts and Science (a degree that should have only taken two years). I have been contemplating all summer about what to do next, and I have only narrowed down my interests between writing, english, and a degree in sustainable management (a "green" degree).

I would like to complete my bachelor's degree, but I'm still unsure of what to study. The school semester starts tomorrow and I'm not even signed up for classes yet. I still have the option of studying the "green" degree online and setting that up because it doesn't actually start until next week. If I study english/writing, then I will have to wait until next semester to start. I would complete the green degree in 2014 and the english/writing I could complete by 2013 if I start now.

I don't know if I should just take a full semester break from college to truly figure this out or jump into a degree to ward off the loans that I will have to repay starting in November. I am making enough money right now to not have to worry about the loans, but I don't want to stop my education short of a bachelor's degree.

I'm also giong to have a very pissed off girlfriend if I don't continue my education part time and work because she has been waiting for a long time to move in together. I am unable to right now because of school. So, we would both like me to be done with school soon so that we can move in together (we've been together 7 years and counting, and she's waiting for a ring too...)

What would you guys advise? Have any of you gone through a similar situation?
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Take it from me...If you don't want to be in school and have any doubts about going, don't. Unless you want to be there 100%, your heart is not in it and you may fail. Not necessarily in grades, but in your mind. You don't know what you want to be yet, so why jump in and make a choice that may be the wrong one. If your girlfriend really wants to be with you forever, she will accept the fact that you are not ready. At least give yourself one semester to think about it.
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