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I say it is best to keep moving forward. It seems to me like you enjoyed being a student, so maybe you should just keep spicing things up so that you don't get burnt out. Look at the statistics! Most people who leave school rarely go back. You should find a steady balance for your schedule so that you may enjoy your studies even though it won't all be enjoyable at least you won't be draining yourself. Also, I know the whole situation of finishing school and waiting for the ring. But being the girl in the same situation it is important for you to understand that school is more important. So that you can make her happy in ya'll's future together. And she needs to see that patience is a virtue, and if she loves you she will wait and help you instead of stressing you at such an already hectic time in your life. It is clear you have worked really hard. You just have a few unanswered questions. Good luck fining them!
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